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Urinary Incontinence In Men

Urinary incontinence in men is also common. Women are not only the one experiencing the symptoms of incontinence, although they are often the ones inflicted by the condition. There are plenty of men as well who have difficulty in controlling their bladder. In fact, urinary incontinence in men can be in various forms.

The Most Common Form Of Urinary Incontinence In Men
This would be urge incontinence. When you have this kind of incontinence, you need to rush in going to the comfort room because you do not want urine to be leaking out before you reach the restroom. This is actually worse during cold weather. It also forces you to pee when you hear the sound of flowing or running water.
Urge urinary incontinence in men is commonly diagnosed as part of aging. You may observe some dribbling right after you have void. Often, this is partly linked to a blockage in the bladder neck or it can be a result of having an enlarged prostate gland. This condition is called BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence In Men

  • Bladder problems like urgency
  • Bed wetting
  • Frequently passing urine.

Stress incontinence in Men
Having difficulty in holding urine is sometimes a result of a previous surgical operation especially on the prostate area. This type of urinary incontinence in men is commonly associated with stress incontinence. This can be observed in men who have undergone prostate operation but at some instance, it can improve within few weeks. Spillage of urine is triggered by some physical activities like sneezing or even coughing.

Enlargement or Swelling of the Prostate Causes Urinary Incontinence in Men
Prostate enlargement is likely to take place with ageing. When a man turns 60, they have the tendency to have enlarged prostates. And as their age increases, cases of prostate enlargement also rise. The reason is unknown yet, however, it’s not considered as a cancerous condition but a reason for experiencing the symptoms of urinary incontinence in men.
Normally, the weight of an adult prostate is approximately twenty to twenty-five grams. The size is about a chestnut’s size. As it gets bigger, the prostate enfolds around the urinary bladder neck just like a collar. This results to restricting the outlet. Thus, the muscles in the urinary bladder need to work harder in pushing the urine out.
The following are the results of obstruction due to the enlargement or swelling of the prostate causing urinary incontinence in men:

  • The strain usually makes the muscles of the urinary bladder to misbehave. And for that reason, the bladder frequently begins to contract prior to urinating, causing urgency and eventually urinary incontinence in men. There will be spilling of urine in small quantity.
  • The urinary bladder of the man has difficulty emptying the content because of constricted outlet. Gradually, urine is being left inside causing it to overflow without any urgency or feeling of urination. This is actually called overflow urinary incontinence in men.

Do you think you have Enlarged or Swelling Prostate?
If your answer is yes to the following questions, then you may likely to have an enlarged or swelling prostate, and it can be the cause for urinary incontinence in men:

  • Are you having hard time starting to void?
  • Are you passing urine for too long?
  • Are you peeing in a matter of stop and start?
  • Are you dribbling your pee without control when you tried to stop?
  • Are you feeling an impression of not emptying your urinary bladder completely?
  • Are you getting up frequently during night time to pee?

If you think that the prostate is enlarged, this can be a probable cause of urinary incontinence in men. So you must consult a doctor right away. If this problem causes too much inconvenience, the doctor will eventually recommend you to try some medications as treatment like for example finasteride. On the other hand, if the case is severe, an operation called prostatectomy may be suggested by the doctor.
After treating your enlarged prostate, inform your doctor regarding your incontinence if ever there is no improvement within a couple of weeks. Take note of the symptoms that you are experiencing for the doctor to help you manage the treatment properly. Thus, enlarged prostate is one of the reasons for having urinary incontinence in men.

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