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Incontinence Products For Men

Incontinence is the inability of a person to control his bladder. This commonly results from an internal abnormality like an enlarged prostate or a weak bladder. Although incontinence is a very common condition in both men and women, those who suffer from it are always hesitant to seek for help because of embarrassment. This makes it difficult to diagnose and treat.

Treatment of incontinence is often done over a long period of time so patients will have to find ways around the condition in order to perform their daily tasks. This is where incontinence products for men come in. These products allow an incontinent man to function without the fear of public humiliation. Multiple incontinence products for men are available in the market today and most of them are difficult to detect.

Types of Incontinence Products for Men
In today’s society, men are usually the bread winners of the family. He needs to work in order to pay the bills but incontinence is a big hindrance to the conduct of his daily activities. Even if he is already undergoing treatment, the results aren’t immediate. So in order to function properly, incontinence products for men have to be used.

Incontinence Clamps are one of the more common incontinence products for men because they are discreet. They work by “clamping” on the penis and closing the urethra. A penis clamp is designed to apply pressure only on the urethra so blood is still able to circulate throughout the penis. This means that the clamp is safe to wear for hours. They are usually made of light weight material and foam so even if it takes some getting used to, there isn’t much discomfort.

Absorbent pouch
An absorbent pouch is usually a sheet of soft polymer that is designed to hold the penis and absorb any leaking urine. They are worn inside your brief or boxers and are thin enough to be undetectable.

Urine Leg bag
Leg bags are portable urine storage devices that can be hidden on your leg (strapped). It is attached to a catheter (small tube) that is inserted into your bladder through the urethra. This allows the urine to flow freely from your bladder to the bag. The bag is then emptied periodically and most leg bags need to be replaced once a month. Strict emptying and cleaning procedures also have to be followed in order to ensure proper hygiene.

Adult Diapers
Adult diapers function the same way diapers for babies do. Out of the many incontinence products for men, this is probably the one most used by old people. These are also ideal for people suffering from dementia, paralysis and other patients who feel that other products are too invasive. The problem with adult diapers however is their thickness. It is normally difficult to hide them because of their bulky nature. They are also easily associated with children’s diapers making users feel embarrassed and undignified.
There are many types of incontinence products for men, and selecting the best one often boils down to personal preference. They all perform the same function so whichever is most convenient to use should be chosen.

Issues with Incontinence Products for Men
The main issue that most incontinence sufferers have over these products is their bulky size. Diapers for example are difficult to hide and some urine collecting kits are too large and noticeable. Incontinence being embarrassing enough by itself, wearing these products can make it even more so.
Another issue with some of the products is their invasive nature. The catheter for example has to be inserted into the bladder through the urethra. Not everyone will be comfortable with the idea. The right clamp will always be comfortable for most men because it's designed to be soft and light.

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